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National Council on Aging

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Information Office
1901 L Street, N.W., 4th floor

Washington, DC 20036

202-479-1200 (Voice)
202-479-0735 (FAX)
202-479-6674 (TDD)

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Founded in 1950, the National Council on the Aging is the nation's first charitable organization to serve as a national voice and powerful advocate on behalf of older Americans. NCOA is an innovator, developing programs such as BenefitsCheckUp, Foster Grandparents and Family Friends. NCOA is an activator, working with thousands of its community organization members nationwide to provide needed services to older people. NCOA is a private, nonprofit association of some 3,500 member organizations and individuals that include senior centers, area agencies on aging, employment services, congregate meal sites, faith congregations health centers, and senior housing. NCOA also includes a network of more than 17,000 organizations and individuals including its members, professionals and volunteers, service providers, consumer groups, businesses, government agencies, religious groups and voluntary organizations.


Serial publications: Innovations:The Journal of The National Council of the Aging, NCOA's flagship quarterly journal (subscription is a part of membership), offers cross-cutting issues and emerging practice models of broadest and deepest interest to those in the field of aging; Abstracts in Social Gerontology: Current Literature on Aging, the quarterly abstracting journal, is the major research tool for recent aging literature; NCOA Week, a weekly e-mail/Fax newsletter available to members only. General publications : A number of brochures are available on topics of interest to older Americans, their families, and professionals. A catalog of resources and publications is available on request.


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