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Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services

Contact Information

Public Information Officer, Div. of Public Health
1 W. Wilson Street
Madison, WI 53703

608-266-1865 (Voice),
608-267-7371 (Voice - TTY),

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The Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services administers health programs to promote the health of Wisconsin residents in the areas of maternal and child health, dental health, and disease (acute, communicable and chronic) prevention. Other Division services include facilities regulation, health information and referral, statistical data gathering, vital records and medical assistance programs. Educational pamphlets are provided on request to educators and residents of Wisconsin.


Educational pamphlets, posters, reports, and directories are available on such topics as infant feeding, child care, child health, maternal health, sexually transmitted diseases, communicable diseases, smoking, consumer use of nursing homes, hospitals, and physicians, cancer, chronic diseases, immunization, and safety.


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