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Ohio Department of Health

Contact Information

246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43216

614-466-3543 (Voice), For General Information

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The Ohio Department of Health coordinates and plans health services, offers consultation and technical assistance to service providers, directly provides a variety of health services, and conducts public and professional education programs. Consultation is available to local agencies and providers on program development in the areas of maternal and child health, disabled children, environmental health, preventive medicine, radiation protection, sanitation, school health education, and emergency medical services. Directly provided health care services include maternal and child nutrition, outreach and team management for children with disabilities, demonstration dental health prevention projects. The Department operates special programs involving hemophilia, venereal disease, immunizations, veterinary health, lead poisoning, and sudden infant death syndrome.


The Department publishes health planning data, sanitation regulations, report forms, news releases, periodicals, directories, catalogs, calendars, and educational brochures on such topics as the nursing profession, nutrition, dental health, and local services. Information materials are available on such topics as fetal alcohol syndrome, AIDS, health planning, hypertension, immunizations, influenza, prenatal care, lead poisoning, environmental health and sanitation, nutrition, perinatal and infant care, rabies, Reye's syndrome, rape prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, sickle cell anemia, smoking, sudden infant death syndrome, vision consultation, and women's health.


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