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International Dyslexia Association

Contact Information

Executive Director
40 York Road, 4th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21204

410-296-0232 (Voice)
410-321-5069 (FAX)

Internet Resources


The International Dyslexia Association, formerly the Orton Dyslexia Society (ODS), was founded in 1949 and is a scientific and educational society dedicated to the study, treatment, and prevention of dyslexia. The association provides leadership in programs, research, and publications related to specific language disabilities and sponsors annual international conferences on dyslexia. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the neurological aspects of language disabilities. There are 45 branches throughout the United States, as well as one in Israel and one in Canada.


The Society publishes a variety of educational materials, including audiotapes from annual conferences; books devoted to language-related problems; educational packets for parents, educators, and physicians; and monographs and bibliographies dealing with specific topics. Serial publication: Annals of Dyslexia (journal), annual--articles about dyslexia written for professionals; Perspectives on Dyslexia (newsletter).


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