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TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)

Contact Information

Kathy Davis, Editor
P.O. Box 070360
4575 South Fifth Street
Milwaukee, WI 53207-0360

1-800-932-8677 (Voice - Toll-free)
414-482-4620 (Voice)

Internet Resources


TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a, nonprofit, weight-loss support and wellness education organization. Established in 1948 to champion weight-loss support and success, TOPS promotes successful, affordable weight management with a philosophy that combines healthy eating, regular exercise, wellness information, awards and recognition, and support from others at weekly chapter meetings. TOPS is comprised of men, women, and children age 7 and older, with about 170,000 members in nearly 10,000 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Visitors are welcome to attend their first TOPS meeting free of charge.


The Choice is Mine Lifestyle guide available to members and through website TOPS News membership magazine, published 9 times annually Miscellaneous information brochures and flyers


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