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First Candle/SIDS Alliance

Contact Information

Laura Reno, Director of Marketing & Communications
1314 Bedford Avenue, Suite 210

Baltimore, MD 21208

1-800-221-7437 (Voice - Toll-free),
410-653-8226 (Voice),
410-653-8709 (FAX),

Internet Resources


First Candle/SIDS Alliance is a leading national nonprofit health organization dedicated to safe pregnancies and the survival of babies through the first years of life. With programs of research, advocacy and education, our priority is to eliminate stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID). We also provide compassionate grief support, to anyone affected by the death of a baby, through a dedicated crisis hotline at 1-800.221.7437.


The SIDS Alliance provides a free facts brochure, "What Every Parent Should Know: Facts about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Reducing the Risks for SIDS" as a public service. The Alliance also recommends pamphlets and books for specialized needs, including materials on grief for siblings, fathers, and grandparents.


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