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Colorado Department of Human Services

Contact Information

Executive Director
State Human Services Building, 1st Floor
1575 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203-1714

303-866-5700 (Voice),

Internet Resources


Colorado Department of Human Services consists of over 7,500 county or state employees dedicated to providing human services to Colorado residents. It provides services through 63 county or district departments of social services, 2 State Maternal Health Institutes, 10 Youth Corrections Facilities, 5 Nursing Homes, 28 Vocational Rehabilitation Offices, 3 regional Centers for persons with developmental disabilities, and numerous community-based public and private providers. In addition CDHS contracts with several agencies to provide human services. CDHS also administers and provides oversight for a variety of federally funded programs. The Department has five goals, or desired outcomes, for the individuals and families who receive services. they are: economic self-sufficiency; family and community connections; health and rehabilitation; independent living; and safety.


Publications: General information brochure; Annual Report.


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