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National Headache Foundation

Contact Information

820 N. Orleans, Suite 411
Chicago, IL 60610-3132

1-888-643-5552 (Voice - Toll-free),
312-274-2650 (Voice),
312-640-9049 (FAX),

Internet Resources


The National Headache Foundation exists to enhance the healthcare of headache sufferers. It is a source of help to sufferers' families, physicians who treat headache sufferers, allied healthcare professionals and to the public. The NHF accomplishes its mission by providing educational and informational resources, supporting headache research and advocating for the understanding of headache as a legitimate neurobiological disease.


Online publications: topic sheets on headache and migraine associated symptoms, medications, and related concerns. Serial publications: NHF Head Wise Magazine (quarterly publication) and NHF News to Know, a monthly e-newsletter containing up to the minute information on new drug approvals and the latest in headache research.


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