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National Association for Home Care & Hospice

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Executive Assistant
228 Seventh Street SE
Washington, DC 20003-5809

202-547-7424 (Voice),
202-547-3540 (FAX),

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The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) is the nation's largest trade association that represents the interests of home care agencies, hospices, and home care aide organizations. Its members are primarily corporations or other organizational entities in addition to state home care associations, medical equipment suppliers, and schools. The Association's goals are to: acquaint responsible private and governmental officials and the public with home health services, costs, and benefits; assist in the establishment of a comprehensive continuum of care; promote uniformity in the applications of government regulations and intermediary reimbursement; assist in the development of appropriate standards for home care; promote better methods of home care financing; and to promote consultation and information exchange with other professional groups. NAHC also conducts legislative workshops and seminars for State legislators and home health agencies' administrative personnel and staff. Consultation and information services are also available to members.


NAHC publishes research material, informational services, and related issues. Serial publications: NAHC Report (newsletter), daily--legislative and regulatory news; Hospice Forum, bi-weekly - hospice legislative and regulatory news; Caring Magazine, monthly--information about home health care; and HOME CARE NEWS, monthly--activities of the NAHC.


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1.24.12: Inactivated due to being trade assoc. Have other resources. AR


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