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National Reye's Syndrome Foundation

Contact Information

426 North Lewis
P.O. Box 829
Bryan, OH 43506-0829

1-800-233-7393 (Voice - Toll-free)

Internet Resources


The National Reye's Syndrome Foundation (NRSF), founded in 1974, disseminates information to the public and the medical community and provides funds for basic research on Reye's syndrome. The Foundation supports basic scientific research into the cause and pathogenesis of Reye's syndrome through research grants to individual scientists and through a research laboratory grant, and encourages Federal funding of Reye's syndrome research. NRSF encourages State and territorial epidemiologists to make Reye's syndrome a reportable disease and encourages the maintenance of active surveillance by the Centers for Disease Control. The Foundation assists Federal and State agencies in obtaining data on Reye's syndrome cases and compiles statistics and data on the disease. Support and guidance is offered to families experiencing the syndrome. Emergency room posters have been distributed to encourage physicians to consider Reye's in the presence of certain symptoms. The Foundation also maintains a speakers bureau.


The Foundation publishes brochures (available in English & Spanish), awareness bulletins, posters, a film, a Compact Disc, and television and radio public service announcements. Serial publications: Journal of the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation, annual--research reports and original articles, written for health professionals; National Reye's Syndrome Foundation in the News (newsletter), biannual--membership news.


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