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American Liver Foundation

Contact Information

Information Center
39 Broadway, Suite 2700
New York, NY 10006

1-800-GOL-IVER (Voice - Toll-free), 1-800-465-4837
212-668-1000 (Voice),
212-483-8179 (FAX),

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The American Liver Foundation (ALF) was formed in 1976 to promote and fund research on liver diseases -- hepatitis, liver cancer, pediatric liver disease, other liver diseases and injuries -- and to inform the public about these diseases. Research grants are awarded to physician, student and postdoctoral researchers, and prizes are presented for the best research projects. ALF sponsors postgraduate courses on liver disease diagnosis and management for physicians and other health professionals. A nationwide network of chapters and support groups exists to help patients and their families. ALF also sponsors a national organ donor program to increase public awareness of the continuing need for organs.


ALF publishes pamphlets and information sheets on liver diseases, liver functions, and preventive measures. Serial publications: Progress (newsletter), quarterly--news stories on ALF activities and liver research developments; and Liver Update (newsletter), semiannually--summarizes liver research for physicians. Videos: A Healthy Liver--A Happier Life; Foundations for Decision Making; Hepatitis B: Patient Information; and Hepatitis C, for healthcare professionals.


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