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The Autism Society

Contact Information

Rose Jochum
4340 East West Hwy., Suite 350
Bethesda, MD 20814-3015

1-800-328-8476 (Voice - Toll-free), 1-800-3AU-TISM
301-657-0881 (Voice),
301-657-0869 (FAX),

Internet Resources


The Autism Society and its nationwide network of chapters educates parents, professionals, and the public regarding the autism spectrum; improves the welfare of people with autism spectrum disorders; and supports research regarding autism. The Autism Society’s information and referral service, AutismSource, provides accurate information to parents, health professionals, and concerned citizens. Parents can obtain information on understanding autism spectrum disorders, developing necessary skills for advocating for children or adults with autism, as well as assistance with locating Federal and State programs and education services, appropriate health facilities for children with autism, and other resources.


General information pamphlets and a magazine are produced. Serial publication: Autism Advocate (quarterly magazine).


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