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Hearing Health Foundation

Contact Information

Tara Guastella, Program Administrator
363 Seventh Avenue, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10001-3904

1-866-454-3924 (Voice - Toll-free),
212-257-6140 (Voice),
212-257-6139 (FAX),
1-888-435-6104 (Voice - TTY),

Internet Resources


Hearing Health Foundation is the largest private funder of hearing research, with a mission to prevent and cure hearing loss through groundbreaking research. Since 1958 Hearing Health Foundation has given over $27.8 million to hearing and balance research, including work that led to cochlear implant technology. In 2011 Hearing Health Foundation launched the Hearing Restoration Project (HRP), a consortium of scientists working on cell regeneration in the ear. HRP's goal is a biologic cure for most types of acquired hearing loss within the next ten years. Hearing Health Foundation also publishes Hearing Health magazine, a free consumer resource on hearing loss and related technology, research, and products.


Hearing Health magazine, a free quarterly publication (to subscribe visit the Web site at Information on infant hearing screenings, Centurions, and research in progress may be obtained upon request.


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1.19.12. Org name changed from Deafness Research Foundation to Hearing Health Foundation; updated abstract and services. - DK


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