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National Braille Association, Inc.

Contact Information

Executive Director
95 Allens Creek Road
Bldg. 1, Suite 202
Rochester, NY 14618

585-427-8260 (Voice),
585-427-0263 (FAX),

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The National Braille Association (NBA) was founded in 1945 to provide continuing education to those who prepare braille, and to provide braille materials to persons who are visually impaired. The organization's programs include: a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas and suggestions for the improvement of braille production; workshops for experienced braille transcribers, tactile illustrators, production workers, and others who prepare braille materials; direct services to the blind include braille transcription of educational, vocational and recreational materials, duplication of braille materials in the Association's collection of textbooks, music, foreign language, technical tables, and items needed for independent living.


NBA publishes manuals and instructional materials that provide guidelines for transcribing procedures, format, and uniform standards. Materials are available for braille transcribers of all advanced braille codes, tactile illustrations, and large print. A Publications list is posted on the Association's web site or available by mail. The NBA Bulletin is printed four times a year and contains skills columns, code changes, articles about new materials and equipment, tips to transcribes, and notes on association activities; it is available in print, braille, audiotape, and disk. Catalogs of the braille collection and list of print publications are available upon request.


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