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American School Health Association

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4340 East West Highway
Suite 403

Bethesda, MD 20814

301-652-8072 (Voice)
301-652-8077 (FAX)

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The mission of the American School Health Association is to build the capacity of its members to plan, develop, coordinate, implement, evaluate, and advocate for effective school health strategies that contribute to optimal health and academic outcomes for all children and youth. The American School Health Association envisions healthy students who learn and achieve in safe and healthy environments nurtured by caring adults functioning within coordinated school and community support systems. The Association is a multidisciplinary organization of administrators, counselors, health educators, physical educators, psychologists, school health coordinators, school nurses, school physicians, and social workers. ASHA has more than 2,000 members in 56 countries. More than one-half the members practice in K-12 schools or advise and oversee health education or health services programs in schools or state agencies charged with managing school health programs.


Publications have been produced on mental health in the classroom, protecting the confidentiality of students' health information, advocating for school health programs, coordinating various aspects of a school health program, and other topics. Serial publication: Journal of School Health, monthly during the school year.


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