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National Health Council

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Emily Noonan, Manager.
1730 M Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036-4561

202-973-0552 (Voice)
202-785-5923 (FAX)

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The National Health Council (NHC), founded in 1920, is a nonprofit association of health organizations, including voluntary health agencies, professional and membership associations, nonprofit voluntary organizations with an interest in health, and health-related businesses. NHC promotes public accountability of voluntary health agencies by their compliance to both financial and performance standards; facilitates problem solving and mutual efforts among the membership in community health promotion, volunteer initiatives, and varied issues and concerns which impact health; conducts briefings and seminars; publishes manuals; and stimulates awareness of health career opportunities for young people.


NHC publishes "Health Groups in Washington," as well as a number of directories and publications related to non-profit, patient-based organizations.


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