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NIH Clinical Center - CC

Contact Information

Chief, Clinical Center Communications
10 Center Drive

Bethesda, MD 20892

1-800-411-1222 (Voice - Toll-free), Patient Recruitment and Public Liaison Office
301-496-2563 (Voice),

Internet Resources


The NIH Clinical Center consists of the Warren Grant Magnuson and Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Centers. Established in 1953 as the research hospital of the NIH, the center is designed so that patient care facilities are close to research laboratories so new findings of basic and clinical scientists can be quickly applied to the treatment of patients. Patients are admitted to NIH clinical studies on cancer; allergy and infectious diseases; arthritis, diabetes, kidney, and digestive diseases; child health and human development; dental disorders; diseases of the eyes; heart, lung, and blood; neurological and communicative diseases and stroke; and mental and emotional illnesses. The Clinical Center also serves as a training center for physicians and medical students.



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4.06: Updated name (Warren Grant Magnuson Center and Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center now combined). Authorizing Legislation: Public Law 98-551, National Center for Health Services Research and Health Care. 12.27.12. Reformatted title - DK 3.28.13: Revised title per org's request - RY


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