What is e-Health?

Older couple researching health information online

e-Health is the use of digital information and communication technologies to improve people’s health and health care. The increasing use of technologies, especially the Internet and mobile devices, to manage health highlights the potential of e-Health tools to improve population health.

There are numerous tools and resources that fall under “e-Health” including:

  • Online communities and support groups
  • Online health information
  • Online health self-management tools
  • Online communication with health care providers
  • Online access to personal health records.

Why is e-Health important?

e-Health tools and resources enable health care consumers and their caregivers to improve health in a number of ways including:

  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Gathering information to make informed medical decisions
  • Communicating with health care providers.

Review the tools, reports and research, and related resources in this section to learn more about e-Health.


Reports & Research

Related Resources

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